Information about RentMy1


RentMy1 3rd Party Peer 2 Peer Rental Portal

Did you know  the average use of every electric drill is estimated at 15 minutes? Increasing item usage brings significant environmental benefits through increased efficiency because so much of the world's finite resources is put into manufacturing them.  

RentMy1 democratises renting by empowering individuals and smaller companies to enter the lending market with a level of security and transparency not available through traditional means.  It is the secure Peer 2 Peer Portal where Users can Lend and Rent to each other locally in transactions governed and guaranteed through the RentMy1 Terms of Service.

What RentMy1 Provides

RentMy1 provides a means for 3rd Party Users, Lenders and Renters, to advertise, identify matching requirements  and enter into secure rental transactions on line.

Lenders and Renters have to commit to strict criteria set out in the RentMy1 terms of service before they can be register as Users and allowed to enter into transactions using the Portal.

RentMy1 provides a secure platform to facilitate Lenders, to advertise their goods for rent to Renters, who want temporary use of the items advertised for periods agreed with the Lenders.

The Portal allows Lenders to provide their item image, specification, description, rental availability and cost and location securely online.

The Portal allows Renters to identify items which they want to rent and see the item description, specification and the period of availability online.

Lenders and Renters using the Portal  and the items rented are rated by each other post transaction based on objective criteria. These ratings, these are available to Users considering transactions.

RentMy1 provides a secure mechanism whereby the Lender can be assured that the Renter has met the standards set by the terms of service of RentMy1 and also deposited the required rental amount in the RentMy1 account.

RentMy1 provides the Renter with the security of knowing that the rental amount will only be released from the RentMy1 account to the Lender when the Renter is satisfied to do so.

RentMy1 provides a guarantee through an insurance policy which covers the items rented and provides a dispute resolution mechanism to which Users must sign up as part of the terms of service.

In return for the secure online environment provided by RentMy1, Renter and Lender each pay RentMy1 a percentage of the value of the rental transaction for the use of the Portal and all of the services and benefits RentMy1 provides.