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How it works


How it works

Find an Item you want to rent on RentMy1 that is available near you

Register, pay the rent for the item and arrange to collect it

Book it for when you want it

Return the item to the Lender when it is due to be returned

Cancellations Policy

RentMy1 Guarantee

We ensure you and your items are covered
Our top priority is to keep the RentMy1 community a safe place to lend and rent. We have you covered if your item is lost, stolen or damaged, for whatever the reason. Every item you lend is covered by our guarantee up to €15,000 and if you need any instant advice please call our customer support.
Further questions? See Guarantee FAQ below:

Guarantee FAQ

What you need to know:
If the lender has their own commercial insurance, a claim must be made on this before you can claim on the RentMy1 guarantee. If this commercial insurance won't cover it, or the claim is rejected, then a claim can be made on the RentMy1 guarantee.
On proof of purchase items are guaranteed up to the price paid for them. RentMy1 and its’s insurers can decide whether the item value is reimbursed, or the item is replaced, you can rely on us to try to meet your requirements.
There is however no guarantee for late fees. In the event that a renter returns your item after the rental period, and doesn’t pay for the extra time, RentMy1 will do everything we can to recover those fees on your behalf.
There are a few exclusions:
• Public liability.
• Weapons .
• Real estate (houses or land).
• Cars and vans.
• Chemicals, liquids or any consumables.
• Normal Wear and tear - minor (superficial or cosmetic) damage e.g. small dents, scratches etc. where the function of the item is not impaired. 

Eligibility for coverage is determined as follows:

You must be able to make the following statements truthfully:
• I am the person who created and verified the account on RentMy1 through which this particular item was rented out.
• In the past five years I have not been convicted of, or charged with, any offence, except motoring offences.
• I have never been subject to a court judgement , a personal insolvency plan or to bankruptcy proceedings.
• I have never had insurance cancelled, refused or declined; or had any special terms imposed.
• In the past five years I have not made more than 2 claims on insurance policies .

Before and after the rental you must?

Make sure you do the following:
• Take (within 24 hours of the rental start date) photos or a video of your item(s) before it (they) goes (go) out on rent . RentMy1 recommends that these be taken on a smartphone where timestamps are automatically recorded or on appropriate APP or device where these can be timestamped.
• A video of the item working in its core function is needed e.g. if it’s a machine or equipment - or if it’s a drill - a video of it in action, where the sound can be heard. Based on this if no external damage is evident but on return the item is no longer functioning it is possible to prove it was working immediately prior to the rental. By the same token, if you consider that the item has been damaged during the rental, make sure that is documented photos or videos taken/recorded within 24 hours after its been returned.
• RentMy1 must be notified within 24 hours of the end date of the rental if your item is returned damaged.
• The RentMy1 Customer Service Team must be notified within 24 hours of the end date of the rental via instant chat or phone call If your item hasn't been returned on time or has been returned damaged .
•  Please ensure that all of the items given in the rental are noted in the listing..
• For successful claims please make sure you can locate and provide the proof of purchase for your items.
• Clearly it is often quicker and cheaper if lender and renter can resolve any issue directly between them. However, if not, RentMy1's dedicated Resolutions Team will take on the mediation of the dispute on your behalf.

Settlements are reached generally in 24 hours between users

Experience has been that most repair/replacement cases are resolved directly between the renter and the lender. If both parties can reach consensus, this can be quicker and sometimes cheaper for the renter. Most of these cases are settled within 24 hours.

Renter liability

Renters accept full liability for items they rent on RentMy1, so if, for any reason, they're unable to return your item as agreed, they are liable to pay for its full value.

The Resolutions Team

RentMy1 has a dedicated Resolutions Team whose job it is to mediate between parties If consensus can't be reached between lender and renter, and examine all the available evidence in order to resolve the case.

If the Resolutions Team is involved in a rental of yours,  you'll be assigned a Resolutions Case Manager who will work with you and the other party to gather timestamped photo/video evidence, written statements and supporting materials.  The Resolutions Case Manager at the end of this process will submit your case for decisions, on who is liable and for how much, to the Claims Review Committee.

Claims Review Committee Decision 

The decision reached by the Claims Review Committee will be final and cannot be appealed.